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Dear *|FNAME|*,

As I write, Christianity is under attack. In places like the Middle East, persecution is running rampant and free. And in other areas of the world, there are still people who have never even heard of Jesus.

That’s why I’m writing to ask you for a generous gift to help raise up Christian missionaries — training and equipping them to establish a witness for Christ in some of the most dangerous areas on the planet.

Your support will be used throughout the world — from the dusty plains of Africa to the most remote villages of central Asia that lie well beyond the end of the road.


Why your support is so important

Through your generous gift, you'll be partnering with a growing army of local believers around the globe.

These native missionaries are working in some of the most destitute countries on earth. Their work cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed by lack of resources.

But your support will provide for their practical and ministry needs and help reach the unreached for Christ.


What your gift will provide

Native missionaries are sharing the gospel and planting churches in some of the most difficult regions of the world. And they’re reporting unprecedented openness to the message of Christ. Former Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists are responding in record numbers.

Your gift will help provide for:

  • Training workers
  • Sending and supporting missionaries
  • Planting Churches
  • Translating and distributing Bibles and Christian literature
  • Food for the hungry and wells for clean water
  • Care for orphans
  • Vocational and literacy training
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Your gift will be put to use where needed most

Thomas (missionary in India)

“We have an army of common people. They are not ordained ministers, but they are soul winners. Give us the tools and we will do the job, because our people know the customs and the manners.”

—Thomas (missionary in India)

Bahadur (missionary in Nepal)

“Even with all these difficulties, we have decided to go wherever the door is open. When we see people come to Jesus, it is really joyful. The pain and difficulties — whatever we face on the way — can’t compare.”

—Bahadur (missionary in Nepal)

Barau (missionary in Nigeria)

“Every day we live with the threat of death for ourselves and our children. But we are determined to stay in our fields. We refuse to leave behind those whom we are reaching.”

—Barau (missionary in Nigeria)


Support Native Missionaries Now

Give now and you will come alongside 500+ MINISTRIES that work in lands of great poverty, where Christians are a persecuted minority, to plant churches among unreached people — especially in places where American missionaries are no longer allowed to go.

Together, we can finish the task and reach the unreached around the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

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An organization you can trust

Christian Aid Mission is a 501(c)(3) evangelical missionary organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

To maintain financial integrity, we carefully research and interview the leaders of each mission board we assist. We do not send funds directly to individual missionaries, but rather to the group’s mission board, who together oversee the distribution of support to the missionaries. All must demonstrate that they are faithful stewards and maintain full accountability for their missionaries, both financially and spiritually.

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